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From deep roots in military aviation Climb Capital took form. Our company took shape as the brainchild of a couple of military pilots who knew that the skills they learned as aviators would translate well to the corporate world. Many cross-country moves throughout decades of service to their country meant that founders Robert Preston and Jeremy Hans knew a thing or two about buying and selling property and thus the transition into real estate began. 35 employees and a few years later, Climb Capital is now a leading expert in the RV park investing space after spending years in multi-family investing. We have had proven success in real estate by modernizing and efficiently owning and operating over $60 million in real estate assets. As sponsors, Climb Capital is able to analyze, purchase, and self-perform on multiple assets across the country with the help of a strong team pushing us to be leaders in this niche class. Our team is the reason why we have seen success and why investors have realized millions of dollars of return on their investments. 

Robert Preston had the entrepreneurial drive from early in his childhood. Selling cows, pigs, and livestock and various products he created and raised as a farm kid helped him tap in on that inner drive to build, create, and sell.  After college and flight school Robert became an MV-22 pilot for the Marines but all the while he dreamed of putting his years of experience in leadership to the test in the civilian world. He began flipping single-family homes and progressed to mobile home parks, apartment complexes, and ultimately RV parks after purchasing and traveling the US in his own Class A motorhome with his family of 4 kids, 2 dogs, and hobby farmer and homeschooling wife, Misty.  Roberts’ character was shaped by hard work on a farm, where you learn the value of a dollar and work hard to stretch your money and make it work for you. He then learned through multiple deployments as a Marine how to lead a team through unimaginable situations and that grit, determination, a clear head, and effective communication was crucial to success for whatever mission you face.  All qualities that are critical when owning a business, especially one that manages others hard earned investments. Robert deploys his own capital into Climb Capitals portfolio. With a little more skin in the game, Robert is motivated to protect each asset as if it was his own, simply because it is.

Jeremy Hans is Climb Capital’s co-founder, and he too shared the dream of passive income via real estate investing. Also a military veteran, Jeremy spent years on deployment as a helicopter pilot for the Navy. After buying his first multi-family property in California, Jeremy quickly realized the profit potential and sought out buying properties from mobile home parks to apartment complexes. When Jeremy isn’t dreaming of real estate or flying helicopters, he is an active dad to four children and married to his extra patient wife, Heidi. Together they serve in various leadership capacities at their church and Jeremy is perfecting his grilling skills. Jeremy also personally invests in Climb Capital’s ever-growing portfolio. 

When managing assets, it is important to make sure that leadership is actively involved in day to day operations of each park. Altitude Property Management is Climb Capital’s internal property management company that was born out of a need to self-perform and run our assets. After firing multiple third-party property managers, we realized that if each property was going to be run and run well, we had to do it ourselves.  No one takes care of anything as well as the owner and Altitude Property Management company director, Jake Chambers is leading the charge. Also personally vested in Climb Capital’s portfolio, Jake Chambers is a former Marine Corps aviator and he cut his teeth on multi-family investing by flipping homes and managing rental properties. Multiple combat deployments and instructing over 1,000 flight school students gave Jake a strong background in adapting and leadership. Jake collaborates on a daily basis with each property manager at the 11 and counting RV parks currently under management. Constant communication with the 30 and growing employees on-site at each property is critical to operational excellence. A hands-on approach to each property’s finances and daily operations ensures less project leakage and greater oversight into how well the asset is performing. One of Climb Capital’s core values is to “Make it Better” and when we control and manage our assets, we are the only ones responsible for making it better. When Jake is not working diligently to improve our assets, he coaches his kids’ soccer and baseball teams and has recently started serving alongside his wife Katie as foster parents. 

Part of Climb Capital’s success story is due to our financial controller. Quick to recognize and spot areas to improve on the bottom line, Matt Schreiner jumps in to determine where any projects or properties may be losing money and how to quickly address and course correct issues that may arise. As Climb’s financial controller, Matt also brings years of experience to the table as a Navy pilot. Not only is Matt a whiz at finances and compiling the dreaded but necessary tax documents required to conduct business, but he also does Tae Kwon Do and is the unofficial office security guard. When it comes to digging down into each property, Matt serves as the company’s eyes to determine if any CAPEX or budget expectations are out of line and helps to dictate ways to improve and ensure each investment is being run at peak performance Matt was voted “nicest guy ever” by our team and always has a smile on his face, regardless of how relentless Bob and Jeremy are in their teasing.

No deals that come through Climb Capital have escaped the knowing eyes of our Acquisitions Director, Carter Moses. Carter works hard to analyze each asset to determine whether it fits our buying criteria. Carter is a great example of our core value to “Work Smart, Work Fast.”  Since she has built our internal database of park deals and has been responsible for underwriting thousands of assets, she has the smarts to know what to look for and can quickly analyze profit potential.  We are able to build better models and stronger proformas based on the information gleaned through her research and expertise.  Carter has years of CRE sales under her belt and has been instrumental in creating strong broker relationships. She is the proud owner of an Australian Shepherd, Copper, and is always ready with a smile to offer help to anyone on the team. Carter is also married to a Navy pilot, which is almost as good as being a pilot yourself. Carter’s ability to underwrite a deal has been a crucial part of ensuring we buy properties in the smartest way possible and her judgment and analytical skills have been paramount to our investor returns. 

Tala Brunson, acquisitions analyst, works hand in hand with Carter and is quickly establishing himself as an expert in his field.  Tala has spent the last few months dedicated to finding off-market deals to keep the deal pipeline full. He is efficient and dedicated to finding deals and building relationships with the sellers. Tala has a firm understanding of the metrics that are critical for each proforma and assists Carter with our extensive due diligence process. In true Climb Capital fashion, Tala was active in the Air Force and shows a high level of professionalism in his work. He is the proud father of a little girl and is our in house expert on traveling, particularly to Italy, where he was stationed while active with the Air Force. Tala understands the importance of finding off market deals and is an integral part of our underwriting team.

Cameron Hill, Climb Capital’s executive assistant and investor relations lead, always provides top-notch service and embodies what it means to “Enjoy the Process.” Cameron manages our systems, short-term rentals, administration functions, as well as most investor relationships. She thoroughly enjoys her job and eagerly embraces change and any task thrown her way. Her background as a prior Chick-Fil- A employee has proven invaluable in that in whatever she does “it’s her pleasure.” Whether it’s coordinating meetings, systems improvement, investor questions, or helping keep Robert organized, Cameron is great at thinking on her feet and her love of processes and organization keeps the company focused.  When she’s not working, Cameron and her husband love to visit Disney any chance they get. If you have any travel related questions regarding anything Disney, Cameron is definitely your go to!

As Climb Capital grows, so do the number of projects that need full time management. There is where Charles Green, Director of Project Management steps in. “Charlie” is responsible for managing projects that vary from small site improvements to complete RV park development. Charles, also a Marine Corps veteran, embodies what it means to have “Grit.” When having to deal with projects across multiple states and various contractors, Charles digs down and overcomes each obstacle and does not back down from a challenge. Charlie is always pushing everyone towards our goals. Whether it is working through the permitting process, improving amenities like wi-fi connectivity, or working with contractors on bids and renderings, Charlie uses his organizational skills to tackle each project in the most cost effective way possible.  He is our behind the scenes guru working with our construction and maintenance crews to upgrade each property and make it better. He is also a business owner, investor turned partner, and has decades of project execution experience.  Charles is also always on the hunt for unique “flip” opportunities and is always enticing our founders with boat flip projects, meanwhile, the wives keep them humble and focused enough to keep their feet on solid ground. For now. 

Climb Capital’s vertically integrated team works together each day to underwrite, acquire, turnover, operate and sustain each RV park throughout the life of the investment. Each team member was carefully selected based on their ability to face and overcome challenges and their ability to cohesively come together and personify our core values. “Make it Better, Work Smart and Work Fast, have Grit, and Enjoy the Process” are all mottos that we live out each day. We want to make each property better and pour into employees so that they too are better as a result. Working smart and working quickly does not always mean using brunt force labor to solve issues, but rather that we develop systems that are efficient and cost effective so that we are proactive in how we conduct business.  Grit is a necessary character trait of what we do in real estate investing.  Driven by challenge and the ability to adapt and deliver results to investors is the backbone of our company.  Lastly, we hire employees who truly love real estate and who enjoy what they are doing.  Our company culture is built around the love of investing, real estate, and enjoying seeing the life cycle of each property. 

Climb Capital’s goal is simple. We want to find and acquire mom and pop type RV parks in great locations, acquire them, implement our property management tools and standards with Altitude Property Management, create additional value through amenities, increase their operational efficiency and effectiveness, and eventually resell the property within 3-7 years. We believe that at Climb Capital, we are different from other sponsors because we are owners who contribute our own capital.  Oftentimes our owners must personally guarantee each loan, which means they have a strong vested interest. Experience matters in this industry. There simply aren’t a lot of sponsors out there who can analyze, purchase, and self perform on multiple assets the way that Climb Capital can. Why trust us with your money? Simply because it’s not just investor money, it is our money too. We look for the best investments (not just the easiest investment) that will pay out the highest returns. We are unwilling to compromise the trust of our team or investors or make a hasty decision on a purchase. At Climb Capital, we love to build relationships and every investment starts with a conversation, let’s chat. 

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