Climb Capital

Inside the Climb

From deep roots in military aviation Climb Capital took form. Our company took shape as the brainchild of a couple of military pilots who knew that the skills they learned as aviators would translate well to the corporate world. Many cross-country moves throughout decades of service to their country meant that founders Robert Preston and … Read more

Banks, Investing, and RV Parks. Why it all matters.

The recent collapse of several banks in the US has investors’ and business owners’ attention. As money management in banking moves to the limelight and scrutiny is high, it seems as if most investment-conscious Americans are looking for ways to diversify and protect their assets and investments. Are there recession-ready markets? Is there a way … Read more

No Surprises: How Due Diligence can protect your Asset

No Surprises: How Due Diligence can protect your asset When buying anything, the seller usually portrays the typical Instagram worthy depiction of the product. The same applies to commercial real estate and in our case, RV parks. We can easily get excited about buying a park whose website shows pictures of a gorgeous pool, the … Read more

Why commercial real estate?

What is a syndication You probably are already sold on the idea of real estate investing, but maybe you don’t know what way is best for you, maybe commercial real estate appeals to you but you aren’t really sure why, or maybe the way you’re currently investing is starting to show some flaws and you’re … Read more

What is a syndication?

What is syndication? Basics A syndication is a process of pooling resources from a group of investors to purchase large assets. Syndication is basically crowdfunding that follows a legal SEC process. Syndications provide the dual benefit of allowing the deal sponsors to purchase assets that they wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to purchase alone, and … Read more

Why We Love RV Park Investing in 2022

Why We Love RV Park Investing in 2022 Why RV parks? For the past decade Climb Capital has focused on C class value-add apartment buildings. Our process was to identify and purchase multifamily assets that were under performing and mostly owned by mom and pop type operators who had owned these property for decades and … Read more

Deal Debrief – Sunchase RV park

Deal Debrief – Sunchase RV park Sunchase RV Park Sunchase RV Park was Climb Capital’s first entry into the RV park space. It was a learning experience, but thankfully a very profitable learning experience too! How we found it This deal was brought to us by a friend who found the listing on Facebook Marketplace. … Read more