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Webinar Recap : RV Park Investments and Campfire Fund

Did you attend the RV Parks Investment Webinar—you’re not too late incase you missed it! Let’s rewind our recent chat with with Robert Preston, the brain behind Climb Capital, as he spilled the beans on the realm of RV Park Investments and the Campfire Fund.

Webinar Takeaways –

Why RV Parks?

Delving into the meat of the matter, Robert shed light on the potential of RV Parks, an emerging asset class in commercial real estate. The landscape, though fragmented, presents a goldmine for savvy investors, offering diversity in the customer base, recession resilience, and an industry ripe for sophistication.

Microeconomic Marvels – 

Navigating through microeconomic factors, the discussion unfolded:

Customer Base: A diverse spectrum from singles to families, painting a broad canvas of opportunity.
Recession Ready: RV travel emerges as a budget-friendly alternative during economic downturns.
Fragmented Industry: An unsophisticated market beckons investors who relish a challenge.
Diverse Revenue Streams: Multiple income sources, from pad rent to camp stores, enrich the investment landscape.
Exit Flexibility: A range of exit strategies, offering flexibility as the industry matures.

The webinar not only unveiled the untapped potential of RV Park investments but also laid out the roadmap through Climb Capital’s Campfire Fund. Find out more here. 

Ready to embark on the RV Park investment adventure? Let’s climb to new heights together! Watch the entire webinar here


Investment Type 506(c) Reg D For Accredited Investors

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