Climb Capital

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the investors who have partnered with us over the last few years. As a real estate investment firm, we are fortunate to be able to express our gratitude in more than words. We get to write checks. 

The most common way our peers measure their growth is by their “”total assets under management”. We do this as well, but this doesn’t accurately reflect the impact we have on our community and the people we do business with. Since our firm is highly focused on relationships, we wanted to take a moment to show our appreciation for those who invest alongside us and highlight recent successes we had.  We measured not in what we have done, but what we have been able to do for our investors:


This is how much we were able to pay in distributions so far in 2022. This is a big number for us and one we are very proud of.

To be clear, this isn’t all from monthly cash flow alone. This number includes a lot of recent property exit sales which we can’t replicate on a regular basis.  However, it does represent the capital and profit we returned to those who put their trust and confidence in Climb Capital to be good stewards of their money. 

Thinking of investing with reliable and transparent operators who love paying their investors big returns?  If so, let’s have a conversation.