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What others are saying about Climb Capital?

Paul H. Seller

"First of all, Kathy and I are so grateful that you purchased our campground! It was great getting to know you and your family and know the campground is in good hands. We are also so thankful to you and everyone at Climb Capital. We are very pleased with the integrity and professionalism everyone showed us. They were friendly, honest, helpful, and replied quickly to us throughout this entire process. Even with all the outside elements involved in the closing of our property, such as the survey, bank appraisal and closing, it was done within the deadline. We also appreciated that the timeline was presented clearly and explained from the beginning. There was a clear line of contact from the beginning to end. We also are grateful for the ease in transferring the campground to you as the new owners. Thanks again for everything. It was our pleasure working with you and your team, and we hope we can do business with you again. Thank you again for taking our property to the next level!

Sam J. Lender

"Renasant Bank knows Climb Capital Group and their Principals as experienced and confident operators. The bank has been working with Climb Capital Group on several different projects over the last several years. The bank successfully funded multiple projects to the company and individuals and can verify that all past projects have been managed as agreed and completed to the bank's satisfaction."

Savannah B. Lender

"Alabama Credit Union has had the opportunity to work with Climb Capital on several financing requests. We have had the pleasure of interacting with Robert Preston and his team as we worked through both the approval and closing process on two different RV Park purchases. I was impressed with the professionalism of Robert and his team in getting us everything that we needed during the process. In each transaction they provided timely and accurate information that helped us with the underwriting process. As we moved towards closing Climb Capital helped us with any last-minute issues that needed to be handled. All the staff is knowledgeable and very proactive in moving through the process. We look forward to additional projects as this group knows the RV market and understands what it takes for the lender to move a deal through the pipeline to closing."