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What is passive income investing?

This is investing for the exchange of a consistent cash flow with little effort to maintain

Why start building passive income?

Financial Freedom is the key to unlocking time and geographic freedom.

Future of the multifamily market

The U.S. multifamily sector started off the year strong, with demographic trends

Uncover Answers to Your Investment Questions

The 3 Secrets You’ll Learn On This Webinar…

How do investors create value through RV Parks?

Why are RV Parks the best asset class right now?

Is RV Travel just a trend?

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Robert Preston, Co-founder and CEO of Climb Capital, specializes in buying and selling RV Parks. He searches for and acquires value-add properties that produce a durable yield through the life of the investment. While Robert got his start by flipping single family homes, this quickly escalated to recruiting investors and purchasing multifamily housing and then eventually Mobile Home Parks. Spurred from a combination of a love for the RV Lifestyle and the significant upsides that owning and operating RV Parks offer, Robert pivoted his attention from multi-family to RV parks in late 2020. Climb Capital truly believes that this is the next great opportunity in Real Estate.

In addition to continuously improving in the Real Estate Industry, Robert is a proud husband and father of four. Robert and his wife are licensed foster parents and have fostered many children over the last few years. Two of their children were adopted through foster care! In 2020, Robert purchased an RV as a way to travel with his family during a time that forced the world to slow down. This past summer, he traveled to Wyoming with the whole family and even brought back a Mustang… The horse, not the car! Robert served as MV-22 Pilot in the Marines before founding Climb Capital, ask him about it! I am sure he will have a few crazy stories to share.


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