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Investing in real estate remotely has never been easier or so popular. This movement might make it seem like the asset location is all that matters in this business, but we feel that it’s never been more important to also invest in the community where we are physically located. We have real estate all over the Southeast but there are people that we see regularly, have interactions with, and have an impact on and we want to invest in them just as diligently.

In an era where 61% of american adults claim that they feel lonely, (this stat is from before covid was a even a thing) the need for meaningful communities has never been more important. Climb Capital is headquartered in Pensacola Florida, we invest a ton here in Pensacola, and we personally live in Pensacola. This is our community. We figured creating a local real estate community would be the best way to play a small part in solving this problem while leaning into our existing strengths. 


We started the Gulf Coast REI Social because we saw an opportunity where traditional real estate meetups are somewhat flawed in two ways. 

First, the traditional real estate event model consists of a mostly educational format with a bit of networking afterwards. It doesn’t take much polling to find that the majority of attendees really prefer the networking portion and few go for the education. Also, anyone who has invested in real estate for a while knows that this is a people business. The relationships you have with people you meet at these events is far more valuable than any formal education. 

The second flaw is in how most real estate investor events are monetized. Some are monetized through a flat membership fee. This is the simplest but it creates a bit of friction and barrier to entry right from the start. Some events have sponsors who fund the event up front, which  results in lots of solicitations from said sponsors as they need to recoup their cost out of the attendees. The most common platform these days are events hosted by brokers whose ultimate goal is to recruit new agents. These events take work to put together and they come with overhead in reserving a location. We don’t blame anyone for trying to recoup their financial and labor costs, but wouldn’t it be nice if a well established Pensacola real estate investment firm would self fund an event for the community to gather and be social without a hidden agenda? 

This event is for real estate investors of all experience levels. The format will be loose as our intention is to foster community building and networking. 


While our goals are altruistic in nature, it would be incorrect to say we don’t have goals at all. Climb Capital has tons of deals with local investors that we have met at other meetups and are grateful for other local leaders who also host events. We want to facilitate an event that allows us to give back to the community on our terms and we ultimately want to become the real estate investing community leaders in Pensacola. We think this will allow us to do the most good for our community.

Want to join? Check us out here